Relocating your company is a big step

It involves space planning, choosing a location and landlord, lease negotiation, construction, and eventual move. This can be overwhelming. The one step in this process that is ongoing and vital is the relationship with your landlord.

How do you choose the right landlord?

One that will help you make your transition smooth and who you will enjoy working with into the future.

Things to consider

  • Who is the prospective Landlord? A private party? A passive investor? A local or regional developer? An institution? A REIT?
  • Does the Landlord have a successful track record of quality development?
  • Does the owner build to hold? Or build to sell? What is the likelihood the prospective Landlord will still own the building or project five years from now?
  • Did the Landlord construct the building or project? If not, how was it acquired?
  • What “extra measures” did the developer take to seismically reinforce your new space?
  • How are the buildings maintained (inside and out)? Tour other properties built and owned by the Landlord.
  • Who manages the property? The Landlord? The Landlord’s company? Or, an outside management company.

Reputation matters

  • Ask for a list of other Tenants leasing space from the Landlord. Call them directly and ask questions about the ownership and management. Ask them how well the Landlord responds to their problems.
  • Are the decision makers local? Can decisions be made quickly? Do you have access to the decision maker? Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour of your prospective Landlord’s properties and corporate offices.
  • Call local city offices or Chamber of Commerce for a reference.

What do we offer?

  • Development
  • Leasing
  • Space Planning
  • Legal & Property Management

At Reynolds & Brown, we offer complete “In House” Services. We strive to give answers which will aide you in making a well informed decision.

Local Decisions

Reynolds & Brown has been in business since 1963. We have developed over 7.5 million square feet of office, retail, light industrial and flex space. All in the East San Francisco Bay Area.


Reynolds & Brown is known as an Owner/Developer. Some of our properties have been in our portfolio for over thirty years. For this reason, we take extra measures to insure the quality of our buildings.

Long Term Relationships

Many of our tenants have been with us in excess of twenty years. The depth of our portfolio has allowed our Tenants to grow or consolidate without having to establish new relationships.

Property Management Excellence

Reynolds & Brown’s management team is second to none. We respond to Tenant concerns promptly, and as the Owner, take extra care to insure that all of our properties are maintained to the highest standard.

Seismic Safety

LOOK UP! Reynolds & Brown installs the latest patented “Zone Four” ( hardware in our concrete panel buildings. This is arguably the best seismic hardware for this type of application ever developed. Our goal is to keep your company in business and up and running, regardless of “what’s shaking”around you. It costs us more, but your business and safety is worth it.